Frequently Asked Questions

What is ANA Research (Anderson, Niebuhr & Associates)?
I received a survey / email invitation / phone call — What is this survey about?
Who is sponsoring the survey?
Will my name be kept confidential? What happens to my answers?
Why are you asking about my age / income / race-ethnicity / etc.?
I lost my survey / web link / call-in phone number. How do I get another one?
I lost my pre-paid return envelope. Where can I send my completed mail survey?
How did you get my name / number / address / email?
I’m on the National Do Not Call List. Why are you calling me?
I don’t want to do the survey. How can I get taken off your list?
I want to do a survey. How can I get added to your list?

If you have any other questions about a survey, please contact the Project Manager at ANA at 1-800-678-5577, or our Telephone Center Supervisor at 1-888-709-9874.