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What we do - our services

Our Services 

We offer mail, web and telephone surveys for your quantitative needs, while also addressing qualitative research through in-depth interviews, in-person or online focus groups, and discussion boards. We also conduct multimodal research for those harder-to-reach populations. We've found that for certain populations using more than one mode can be the most effective way of reaching participants.

Actionable reporting

Overview dashboards and graphical representations highlighting statistical differences

Data processing

​Tabulations, coding, multivariate statistics, regression, MaxDiff and Conjoint analysis


Incentive fulfillment

Cash, gift cards, checks, sweepstakes or small gifts


Mail surveys

We will handle all the steps from printing to data entry

Multi-language survey capabilities

Multimodal offerings with telephone interviewers available in Spanish, Hmong, Somali, Chinese, etc.

Online panel survey recruitment

Target your audience through a reputable online research panel


Onsite data entry

Verification through a double-keying entry process


Programming and hosting online surveys

Custom programming for complex questionnaires that are mobile-friendly

Questionnaire Design

We collaborate with you to create a valid and reliable survey instrument

Telephone surveys with 30 onsite CATI stations

Supervisors monitor and verify survey responses; you have the ability to listen to interview recordings from your project​

Didn't see a service or method you are interested in? Give us a call or send us an email, chances are we've done it.

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