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Who We Are - our team

Our Team

ANA  Research Team

John Steinlicht


John has held strategic leadership roles within market and behavioral research for over 20 years. He has written and presented extensively in the areas of customer experience management, leadership development and organizational behavior. His client work recently has included both large and small companies seeking to improve their brand image.


Outside of the office, John works with his local public school district to promote reading at the 1st grade level. He is also a mountain hiker (not climber!) and an energy efficiency enthusiast.

Kim 1_19 (2).jpg

Kim Vondall

Vice President of Client Services

Kim leads the Brand Measurement and Customer Insight team helping clients understand their brand image, identify their target market, and better utilize customer feedback. 

After starting her career conducting qualitative research at Plaza Research – Los Angeles in 1998, Kim started her time at ANA working directly with the telephone center as the Director of Field Services in 2000. Kim has advanced to the top of Client Services, responsible for many of ANA’s largest and most complex strategic relationships. She leads the ANA team in questionnaire and methodologic design, as well as analysis, reporting and project implementation. She has both designed and led training workshops on improving respondent cooperation and other market research skills.

While away from the office, Kim is a movie buff during the cold, winter months and enjoys golfing during the much-preferred Minnesota summers.


Ben Pflughoeft

Project Manager

Ben utilizes meticulous research methods to manage all facets of a survey research project. This includes methodologic selection and survey design through reporting and communication of valuable insights. In his time at ANA Ben has worked with large insurance companies, local communities, and many others to accomplish their research goals.

While working as a graduate research assistant at the University of Minnesota, he primarily worked on research projects for environmentally focused organizations and agencies including the L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery School, MnDOT, and multiple National Park Service units. He gained experience with observational research, focus groups, in-depth interviewing, and surveys in many different contexts.

In his free time, Ben enjoys puzzles and board games, relaxing with his cat Charlie, and tutoring students in statistics.

Sandy Whitaker

Project Manager

After starting at ANA back in 2014, Sandy has excelled to his current position of Project Manager where he coordinates research operations for many of our projects, including overseeing internal and external vendor activities. Always wanting to learn and grow, Sandy has recently taken on data processing; cleaning and running data checks on ANA’s all important data files.

As a former swimmer for the University of Minnesota, Sandy  continues his activeness in swimming as an assistance swim coach for a local St. Paul high school.

Call Center Leaders

Gayle Raye

Call Center Manager

Gayle has been a part of our Call Center team for 25 years. As ANA’s Call Center Manager, her primary commitment is to maintaining the highest level of quality and productivity the industry has to offer. Average survey interviewer tenure at ANA is 4 years, which is exceptional for a call center. This is largely due to Gayle’s leadership.

Gayle enjoys spending time with her growing family, including 4 grandchildren, with one more on the way!

Lisa Meyer

Call Center Supervisor

Lisa is a seasoned market researcher who started her career in our call center in 1993. As Call Center Supervisor, Lisa spends significant time conducting initial and on-going training of our interviewers, particularly as it relates to B2B studies and getting past gate-keepers. 


The mother of three sons, Lisa keeps busy and always has a houseful. Spending time at the family cabin is also a must.

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